Sep 28, 2009

This sure isn't easy........

and I don't mean designing jewelry. I love making my jewelry for the shop. I'm the only female in a house of four males, so designing my jewelry is actually very relaxing and fun for me. It's my girl time! I take great pride in my work and hope that it shows to potential customers. (I say potential because I have not made a sale yet).

What is not easy is trying to market my shop and get it out into this big big world of cyberspace! That and getting really good pictures of my jewelry. I always thought I was a pretty good picture taker (lol), but sometimes it drives me nuts, because I can see how great the piece really is and my pictures do not do them justice!

These are my latest pictures of the jewelry I just finished and listed today.

If anyone out there has any tips on how to take better pics and maybe even some marketing pointers, I'm all ears! :)

Well, enough whining, I agree!

On to more important issues. I will be launching my Fall Collection soon and I am thinking of adding some bronze and copper to the mix. I LOVE Silver, but I really like the look of Bronze and Copper, it reminds me of the Fall Season. Of course I will still be designing silver jewelry as well, but I like to stir things up. Maybe even mix some of them together.

Along with the Fall Collection, I will also be adding some Holiday Jewelry, children designs and Wedding Jewelry as well. 

Be sure sure to visit my shop often as I try to add new items at least once or twice or week.

You can find me on Etsy and through my online shop.

Also be sure to stop by Melissa's Blog, Outnumbered 3 to1 and enter my current giveaway. It is ending on Sept. 30th!!

I have a another giveaway planned for October...details coming soon!!

Thank you all for stopping by!!


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