Nov 19, 2009

Some New Items.....

I have added some new items to my shop recently. The first two were created for my sisters. I have two younger sisters and as I am writing this it occurs to me that I need to head to my studio tonight and create another one, one that signifies a big and little sister. We can't leave out the middle child who is actually both a big sister and a little sister. The middle child deals with enough as I know mine has. Being bossed around from the big sister and nagged to death from the little one! ****Well...I apologize for interrupting this post to bring you an emergency design announcement! Now back to your regularly schedule post.****

I have come across a lot of mothers and grandmothers who have more than 3 children and I didn't have much in my shop that would accommodate more than 3 - 4 names, so I added a 4 layered disc necklace to my hand stamped collection. The one pictured features sizes ranging from 1/2 in - 7/8 in.  and has four names hand stamped. It can however be personalized with up to 7 short names. I love this necklace and was really happy with the way it turned out. Also new to my hand stamped collection is the big sis and little sister necklaces. (You know the emergency design announcement). If you haven't visited my shop lately, I have a lot of great personalized items that make wonderful gifts, many for $20 or less.

Well stay tuned as I am off to create a necklace for the big little sis!!

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