Feb 9, 2010

New items for the Mommy to be, Best Friends and the Men too!

Boy oh Boy, I have finally received a lot of the designs stamps I ordered including the new wing designs and the male/female gender symbols. Charitable Creations Jewelry now has over 50 design stamps (54 to be exact) for you to choose from, plus all 12 zodiac signs!

The new Mommy to Be necklace features my new gender symbols. A little twist on the baby feet version. Sometimes we just like to be different from than rest!

My favorite is the new Best Friends/Friends Forever necklaces. These are sold as pairs, one for you and one for your best friend of course. These are also great for sisters too. And as always these can be customized to reflect your own special personalities! I hand stamped each necklace with my new wing designs (one left, one right). Another little twist to the normal, everybody has them, split disc necklaces! (Not that those are not great as well)  :)

And for the fellas and ladies too....a lot of new design versions and options for the sterling silver guitar picks. These make great gifts for the music lovers and rockers out there!

Coming next week......new cuff and charm bracelets for children.

Lots of new designs in the works here at CCJ and as always you will be the first to know when they are listed!

I hope everyone has a very lovely Valentines Day!

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