Dec 1, 2009

Working on some new items!

I love all kinds of jewelry, which is good since that is what I do for a living lol. But my favorite piece of jewelry has always been rings. I just love rings. So the last few days I have been working on some new rings to add to the shop.

Ever since I got over my fear of fire and started using a torch to solder, I have been like a soldering crazy person. I just love all the possibilities when you can fuse things together! I have started simple though, because well my style is simple and when i design something new, I like to wear it for a while to make sure that is worthy for my customers. I want to make sure that it stands up to everyday life and more. Lets face it as women most of us have busy lives, running around doing what we need to do and I always make sure that my jewelry will stand up to what we throw at it before I offer it for sale.

With that being said, I recently added to my shop new hand stamped rings. The one pictured was actually made for my brother in law. He likes skulls lol. Let me just tell you that these rings will stand up to anything! You could probably run the sucker over and not damage it! At the same time though, my brother in law says that it is very comfortable to wear.

I make these rings with a sterling silver wire that is 5mm wide and 2mm thick. They are completely hand made and I DO NOT buy them pre-made. I will admit I did look into it as it would of been easier to just buy them already made and then hand stamp them, but to me that kind of takes the whole hand made out of ....well hand made! Plus you can only buy them in certain sizes and by making them myself, I am able to offer them in any size. Plus, I like using my soldering torch!

These new hand stamped rings can personalized with names, a favorite saying or however your little heart desires. The second picture is of one I made using my textured hammer. I will be listing in my shop tomorrow and this one i will naming the 'Tree Bark Ring'. Every time I look at it it reminds me of tree bark! A total one of a kind ring. I can make more, but each one will have a slightly different look.

In the next day or two I will also be adding some more rings, including birthstone rings and stacking rings.
As always I will post about when I do.

In the meantime, there are some great blogs that are hosting some giveaways Charitable Creations Jewelry. I listed them below if you would like to try and win a gift certificate or two! Happy Holidays everyone....till next time, peace!


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Good Luck!

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