Feb 2, 2010

New Childrens Section added to the Shop!


I always read what my customers or commenters  from my giveaways both here and on other blogs have to say about what they think of Charitable Creations. Lately I have been reading a lot of comments stating that I should offer jewelry for children. So..guess what...That's what I'm doing! 

Today I started the children section in both my Main Shop and Etsy shop. Over the next week I will be adding more items including hand stamped bracelets. I will be keeping it to necklaces and bracelets at the moment, but as always, anything I design can be made in any size, big or small. I will always do my absolute best to accommodate the needs and wants of my customers when designing their special piece.

Right now most of the items are for girls, but worry you should not as I am a mother with two sons and two stepsons so there will be items added for the boys. :)

Also, I have a lot of new toys coming in for me to play with and I will be adding some new and exciting designs soon for the whole family!
For hand stamped jewelry I have at the moment 41 different design stamps with 26 more on the way, so there is a very large variety of designs to choose from when creating a hand stamped piece!

Well I am off to pick the boys up from school, that is all for now, but as always you all will be the first to know when something new is happening!

Take Care!

Shelly - CCJ

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  1. Oh! As the Mom to two very fashion forward little girl I have to say I think this is just a fabulous idea:)