Jan 18, 2010

We got MORE SNOW today and the plow broke...hubby was not happy!

I love snow. And that's a good thing for me, because where I live, once we get our first snow, it stays until spring. I live in North Central Massachusetts. I have lived here for about five years. I was born and raised in Cape Cod Massachusetts, so I will admit I do miss the ocean. But all my family is still on the Cape, so I visit often.

So back to the snow. Last night it snowed here again and we got a few inches of wet heavy snow. (The pictures above were taken today of my back yard.) Well we have a huge driveway and my better half uses our old John Deer tractor to plow it. The snow was so heavy that it broke the plow. Needless to say the hubby was not a happy camper!! The poor guy had to finish shoveling a 15 car driveway by himself! Of course all the boys were at friends houses and well I would of helped, but when hubby is in one of his moods, it's better to just let him be. lol It' s not as bad as its sounds, luckily he was almost done when it broke, so it only took about 15 minutes for him to finish it.

The one who is most heartbroken over the plow breaking is our little guy Toby (our Bichon Frise). Every time we plow the driveway he runs outside and waits by the fence for the snow to come flying over so he can run through it! He absolutely LOVES to have the snow falling over him! It is the funniest thing. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture of the snow flying over the fence, but I did capture one of Toby sniffing around the new snow near the fence.

Well we are expecting more snow on Thursday, so maybe I can catch the little guy in the act of snow chasing then!


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  1. I like the hope and autism necklace. It's meaningful